Welding technology

Positioning pins

  • Process safety
    • Precise positioning through best wear protection
    • Best practice of ceramic-steel connection by threading and bonding.
      This gives safety!
  • Recommended ceramic materials
    • Silicon nitride ceramic – Best non-stick effect!
    • Zirconium dioxide

Weld centering pins Nuts Welding

  • Standard parts
    • Standard pins for automatic and manual nut feeding
    • Pull-out centring pins
    • Drawing parts┬áaccording to your drawing
  • Recommended ceramic materials
    • Silicon Nitride Ceramic – Best non-stick effect!
    • Zirconium dioxide
  • Wide range of electrodes suitable for pens and standard holders available
  • Quality is produced, not reworked!
    So why rely on old technologies like coatings or plastic insulation or even do without insulation and wear protection altogether?

Gas nozzles

  • For robot welding
    Full automation for long welding cycles without cleaning
    • High efficiency and fast production due to infrequent nozzle changes
    • Reduction of spare parts costs
  • Recommended ceramic material
    • Silicon Nitride Ceramics
    • Polished tip for best non-stick effect

Insulating bush

  • For precise alignment of the welding screw
    • Durable ceramic insert
  • Recommended ceramic materials
    • Silicon nitride ceramic – best non-stick properties
    • Zirconium dioxide

Various equipment for welding and soldering

  • Pressure pieces to improve the surface quality
  • Welding documents
  • Protection against welding spatter
  • Soldering pads
  • Devices for welding and soldering
    • No heating of the welding rollers
    • Bearings are thus protected
    • No abrasion of material
    • High precision, top tube surfaces
  • Recommended ceramic material depending on the material to be welded
    • Silicon Nitride Ceramics
    • Zirconium dioxide
    • Aluminium oxide